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Client: Canis Latrans

Services: Brand Identity, Packaging, Print Design

The Challenge

Canis Latrans approached my business looking to rebrand their growing high end clothing company to have a more strapping touch in order to better connect with their audience and stand out in the industry. They wanted their rebrand to excel above all other new clothing and companies on the market. This required I help my client establish their idea, discuss a new name, and jump into a visual identity that perfected the brand message

The Solution

After substantial brainstorming and collaborating with the Canis Latrans team, we came to a perfect conclusion. The main idea the team wanted to deliver was that of a ‘sophisticated mystery’ - the feeling of aristocratic and mystifying clothing. Therefore, I chose darker and more classic colors, along with a superior style that showcased a more authentic tone, and the team at Canis Latrans couldn’t be happier. I took this visual identity and used it to develop stunning labels, a flawless logo, and other brand assets to help Canis Latrans make their mark.

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