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Client: Yoga Concepts

Services: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Print Design, Web Design, Product Design

The Challenge

I was tasked with working alongside the Yoga Concepts Team to create a visual identity for their business and help them stay unique from their competition. This project included working on a logo, mandala illustrations, a website, ebook design, and print design for their various products and brand development.

The Solution

I began by researching their brand market space and inspect the collected information to discover a clear design strategy for Yoga Concepts. Next, by working with the Yoga Concepts team, we went over their vision, mission, and goals. I finalized with a clever mark for the brand that stands out from their competition in the market. Yoga Concepts wanted to focus their style towards something more flowing, illustrative and modern, thus the brand’s name in the mark is more of a signature style. The major symbol within the mark features a woman stretching to shape the form of the letter C in concepts. Moving forward with the various brand assets, I focused on creating a clean, organic, and rejuvenating tone filled with seven astounding chakra illustrations that further establish their brand’s identity. The Yoga Concepts team could not be happier and were a pleasure to work with.

Hatha Yoga Concepts Brand.jpg
Yoga Concepts Website.jpg
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