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Client: Minuscule Spark Children's Books

Services: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Print Design, Character Concept Art, Book Illustration, Social Media Post Design, Web Design, Website Development, Ad Animation, Product Design

The Challenge

Minuscule Spark, an exciting new concept with a powerful mission but lacking an established identity and branding, sought my expertise. Tasked with the responsibility to craft an exquisite visual identity for their brand and create captivating product assets, I embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. My approach involved paying meticulous attention to every detail and gaining valuable insights to ensure a meaningful and imaginative brand representation.


The culmination of this endeavor is the stunning website:

Miniscule Spark Logo Icon.jpg

The Solution

I made sure that the Minuscule Spark logo conveyed a compelling narrative for their children's book company, prioritizing its significance to me. The logo itself takes the shape of an illustrative heart, symbolizing the profound emotions and boundless potential within a child's heart. In the center, a small "minuscule" spark represents the strength and passion that ignites their imagination. To complement the imagery, vibrant colors were carefully selected, establishing a solid foundation for the brand's identity. Thorough research and meticulous conceptualization led me to focus on developing a cohesive set of branding materials, including a captivating website, eye-catching business cards, informative brochures, engaging ad animations, interactive activity sheets, the layout and illustration of enchanting children's books, all of which captured and embodied the essence of the brand's theme.

Miniscule Spark Logo Icon.jpg
Miniscule Spark Logo symbol.jpg
min spark branding.jpg
Brochure Miniscule .jpg
Minuscule Spark Buisness Cards.jpg
Book Cover.jpg
Book Illustration .jpg
Daisy's New Home.jpg
Inside  1.png
Coloring Pages.jpg



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