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Client: Minuscule Spark

Services: Brand Identity, Print Design, Illustration, Web Design, Website Development, Ad Animation

The Challenge

Minuscule Spark approached me as a different concept without any type of identity and branding, yet carried a strong mission. I was assigned to help the new company design an exquisite visual identity for their brand, along with illustrating and creating various product assets. With high attention to detail and good insight, I was motivated to work on such a meaningful and creative brand.


Miniscule Spark Logo Icon.jpg

The Solution

It was important to me that the Minuscule Spark logo tells a meaningful story for their children’s book company. The mark itself shapes the form of an illustrative heart, followed by a small, “minuscule” spark in the middle to present the idea of the strength and passion inside a child’s heart. By using bright colors that correspond to the imagery, the logo established a strong foundation for the brand’s identity. After some thorough research and and conceptualization, I focused on developing a website, business cards, brochures, ad animation, activity sheets, and two children’s books that embodied the brand’s theme.

Miniscule Spark Logo Icon.jpg
Miniscule Spark Logo symbol.jpg
min spark branding.jpg
Brochure Miniscule .jpg
Minuscule Spark Buisness Cards.jpg
Book Cover.jpg
Book Illustration .jpg
Daisy's New Home.jpg
Inside  1.png
Coloring Pages.jpg


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