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Client: Rebel Crest

Services: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Design

The Challenge

Rebel Crest was looking to re-evaluate their identity and reached out to me for assistance. Being a locally owned skateboard shop based in Colorado, the Rebel Crest team wanted a boost to their identity to establish their brand and stand out from their competition. With this in mind, I set out to design a visual identity to allow their company to show what they're made of.

The Solution

Rather than only focusing on the skateboard-only aspect of Rebel Crest, I diverted half of my attention to the company’s location in Colorado. I chose to stick with a one-color scheme with hints of maroon to stick with a consistent, clean look, adding in the brand’s revolutionary name within the mark to establish a connection for the illustrated elements. The bottom half of the mark is a skateboard, meant to connect with the “crest” of the Colorado mountains, also symbolizing for a broken skateboard and therefore tying in the rebellious identity of the brand.

crest 3.jpg
Rebel Crest_edited.jpg
Rebel Crest 1.jpg
rebel cret 3.jpg


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