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Client: Sunrise Vegetable

Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Food Packaging Design

The Challenge

Sunrise Vegetable wished to bring a creative touch to their logo and packaging, while emphasizing the organic appeal that their various produce carries. One of the company's biggest goals was to stand out from their competition, having unique and lively packaging for their brand. 

The Solution

The final logo highlights a retro and bright tone in style to embrace the organic or "full-of-life" theme within the brand. The mark forms a fulfilling sunrise with the brand's first name "Sunrise" as the sun's rays, symbolizing the strong Arizona desert that accentuates the company's location. The brand' second name, "Vegetable", is a simple yet clever way to illustrate the greenery of the garden fields growing under the sun. Finally, to add an illustrative touch, the "G" in "Vegetable" is replaced with an illustrative bell pepper to symbolize the brand's identity. Because the brand wanted to highlight their identity towards a more creative and lively style, the packaging focuses on using a bright green and yellow color palette to stand out of their competition. In addition to the consistent color palette, I accentuated each product's design with a wide range of vegetable illustrations and imagery to accentuate the creative and lively concept. The Sunrise Vegetable team loved the direction and the design's clever approach. 

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