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Client: The Optimistic American

Services: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Print Design, Thumbnail Design, Social Media & Digital Campaigns, Web Design, Website Development, Motion Graphics

The Challenge

The Optimistic American, a positive political podcast hosted by former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, sought to enhance his brand's structure, establish a more consistent workflow, and elevate the quality of his design. In addition, the project required expert art direction to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic across all platforms. The scope of work encompassed various design elements, including worksheet design, PowerPoint presentations for speeches, consistent social media and thumbnail designs for the podcast and YouTube channel, website design and revamp, captivating motion graphic animations, professional business cards, diverse marketing campaign designs, and engaging accessory and apparel designs. With the pressing need for assistance, The Optimistic American was eager to receive outstanding work that would reflect the brand's optimistic spirit while captivating audiences with its stunning visuals and creative direction.


The culmination of this endeavor is the stunning website and brand:

The Solution

Beginning with the process of refining the brand's color scheme, establishing suitable fonts, and shaping its overall identity and visual mood, The Optimistic American embarked on a journey to achieve a consistent and cohesive branding. By aligning with current industry trends and embracing the brand's refreshed identity, I had the privilege to design a diverse range of materials, spanning from print designs and web layouts to captivating apparel and accessories. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to create visually appealing speech presentations and other assets. This comprehensive approach ensured that The Optimistic American's brand presence remained strong and visually captivating across various platforms, allowing them to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. With a refined identity and a multitude of well-designed elements, The Optimistic American continues to inspire and engage with their audience on multiple levels.




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